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ICE signed partnership agreement with URCINFOSYS
In order meet specific needs and problems of enterprises working in the construction business sector in SUDAN AS ICE signed business partnership agreement with URCINFOSYS. URCI is an information and communication technology [ICT] company devoted to systems and solutions for three verticals [Construction, Healthcare, and SME]. To begin with, ICE will concentrate on promoting URCI’s ERP solution for construction industry, brand named URCIMS™ (UR Construction Information Management System), a flagship product of URCI. This ERP solution reflects URCI’s thorough understanding of the construction business processes and challenges, and its strengths are derived from the backing of URC Construction P Ltd, part of URC Group, well-known in South India, with over 54 years of experience executing more than 600 construction projects. ICE believes that URCIMS™ will address the challenges faced by construction industry and will create a platform for WIN-WIN-WIN situation for ICE, URCI and the agencies and enterprises engaged in/contributing to construction business/industry in North African region.  

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